Friday, April 22, 2005

Coalitions Online Newsletter

Coalitions Online Newsletter: "Mid-Year Guest Editorial: 9 Tips to Develop a Donor Prospect List
by: Bill J. Harrison
In this article, Bill J. Harrison, a nationally-recognized fundraiser and award-winning author, shares some of his secrets to fundraising. Harrison will lead an in-depth workshop on Fundraising Methods and Strategies at CADCA�s Mid-Year Training Institute, held July 25-28, 2005 in Phoenix, Ariz. Register today.

The very first rule of fundraising is asking. If you�re not asking for gifts, you�re probably not receiving them. But whom do you ask? How can you find prospective donors? These nine tips will help you develop your list.

1. Everyone is a potential donor if they are properly informed and motivated. Your list should include individuals, corporations, foundations, board members and anyone else you can identify."

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