Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bernie Marcus makes mark with Georgia Aquarium | ajc.com

Bernie Marcus makes mark with Georgia Aquarium ajc.com: "Bernie Marcus makes mark with Georgia Aquarium
Home Depot magnate has generous vision of education, downtown revival


Published on: 05/29/05

Moses parted the sea, but it took a bigger-than-life character like Bernie Marcus to bring the ocean and its creatures to North Georgia.
The 76-year-old Home Depot co-founder is dropping $200 million of his personal fortune on the biggest indoor aquarium in the United States. The Georgia Aquarium, rising like a colossal, landlocked ocean liner in downtown Atlanta near Centennial Olympic Park, is scheduled to open Nov. 23.
'I wanted something unique, something that would last for generations,' Marcus said.
People have learned not to doubt the up-from-nothing billionaire, whom nearly everyone calls 'Bernie.' Three decades back, many retail gurus chuckled as Marcus, Arthur Blank and financier Ken Langone built hardware "

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