Tuesday, May 31, 2005

newsobserver.com | Business-Direct mail gains on rivals

newsobserver.com Business: "Direct mail gains on rivals
Businesses spend more on mailed ads as they rethink traditional strategies

By DAVID RANII, Staff Writer

Telemarketing's loss is junk mail's gain.
Direct mail -- the industry's preferred term for the promotional material that shows up in your mailbox, whether it be a personalized letter or a grocery store flier -- is becoming more popular with advertisers.
Businesses have more options than ever for their marketing dollars, and many are rethinking their ad strategies to consider newer alternatives, such as the Internet. But direct mail is thriving in this hyper-competitive environment.
The No. 1 reason for its growth is the federal Do Not Call law, said Robert J. Coen, senior vice president and ad industry forecasting guru at Universal McCann in New York.
With consumers now able to block unwanted sales calls by registering their phone numbers, advertisers are turning to direct mail to reach customers where they live.
Locally, businesses such as Food Lion, Belk and First Citizens Bank have recently upped their spending on direct mail.

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