Wednesday, June 01, 2005

NP Times / Hearts And Eyeballs

NP Times / Hearts And Eyeballs: "May 15 , 2005
Hearts And Eyeballs
By Tim Mills-Groninger
Online communities add valueto fundraising
Humans can't help it. They have to include a little bit of themselves into every exchange. Staff meetings have little asides about weekend adventures. Client meetings might start with questions about each person's family.
People want to communicate as people, and, no matter where and how, they'll self-select into little groups or communities of interest to share insight and ideas and to support each other's ideas.
For the 21st Century nonprofit, that means evaluating both constituent needs and channels of communications and creating the right mix of medium and message to form the kind of community that stakeholders expect. Traditional channels for outreach and fundraising such as publications, direct mail, and telephone continue to be the biggest revenue stream for most agencies, but online channels are gaining ground and offering a way to engage a younger audience as both donors and advocates of the mission. "

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