Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Arts & Culture - Voice of San Diego

Arts & Culture - Voice of San Diego: "Engaging Women in Significant Philanthropy
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Tuesday, June 7, 2005
At the turn of the millennia, a new model for women in philanthropy began to emerge. Rather than the check-writing, gala-planning, raffle-running methods of past decades, this form of charitable giving commanded fresh respect. It was sophisticated. It was active. It matched the pace and mood of many of San Diego's emerging class of female business owners, entrepreneurs and community leaders. It was obvious to the San Diego Foundation, a community foundation that gravitates to the leading edge of change, that women's traditional patterns of giving were shifting -- yet full-scale philanthropy was still uncharted territory for many women. A vision for an organization that would promote the participation and leadership of women in charitable giving began to take shape. In 2000, the San Diego Foundation and a group of its volunteers founded the San Diego Women's Foundation, putting a fresh new female face on philanthropy."

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