Thursday, June 09, 2005 - Buyer Beware - Consumer Beware Of Charity Callers - Buyer Beware - Consumer Beware Of Charity Callers: "BOSTON -- There's a new telemarketer annoying people, and they say because it's a charity, the Do Not Call List doesn't apply.

NewsCenter 5's Consumer Reporter Susan Wornick reported Friday that there are some things you should know before saying hello.
The Do Not Call List has effectively cut nuisance calls, but they still come.
In one case, a caller says he's from the American Foundation for Disabled Children. He thanks you for your past support and wants another contribution.
You may want to help disabled children, but NewsCenter 5 investigated the organization.
The Charity Navigator gives the AFDC an overall rating of zero, and their income statement shows why. They raise nearly $2 million, but spend most of it on fundraising. Disabled children aren't getting much money at all.
Charities are exempt from the Do Not Call List, but that status doesn't mean they aren't making money and spending it in ways you wouldn't approve."

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