Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Giving Forum—Resources-Donors Guide to Legal and Financial Advisors

Giving Forum—Resources: "Donors Guide to Legal and Financial Advisors

By Melissa Cliett and Albert Ruesga

Charitable and philanthropic giving are highly rewarding and personal acts that millions of Americans engage in annually. Whether the choice to give is inspired by a childhood recollection of kindness, gratitude for an important college scholarship, or simply a desire to give back to the community, the decision to give enables an individual to support a worthwhile cause while continuing a national legacy of privately funding projects that are of benefit to society.

Charitable and/or philanthropic giving often involves what can best be termed the 'philanthropy triangle.' This triangle is made up of the donor, the charity or foundation that you wish to fund, and your professional advisors.

The purpose of this information bulletin is to educate you, the donor, on the various types of professional advisors and the roles they can play when you make a charitable or philanthropic gift. All of these professionals are available to assist you in meeting your philanthropic objectives and making the act of giving as easy as possible."

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