Thursday, February 09, 2006

NP Times-The American Red Cross Interim CEO Club

NP Times: "The American Red Cross Interim CEO Club
Temping at the top becoming a regular occurrence

By Marla E. Nobles

The Interim CEO Club of the American Red Cross (ARC) is quite the exclusive, yet growing club. Comprised of the first African-American to lead the ARC, one of Georgia’s 100 most powerful people, an attorney and a leader in the biomedical field, the ARC’s past four interim presidents are an impressive assembly.

Preceding current interim president Jack McGuire, are Gene Dyson, who substituted for president Elizabeth Dole during her 13-month hiatus from October, 1995 to early 1997; Steve Bullock, interim for seven months when Dole stepped down in January,1999; and Harold Decker, who took the reins following the controversial October, 2001 resignation of Dr. Bernadine P. Healy. McGuire was appointed following the Dec. 13, 2005 resignation of Marsha J. Evans."

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