Thursday, February 09, 2006

'No $2,000, no run' cancer volunteers told(Canada)

'No $2,000, no run' cancer volunteers told: "No $2,000, no run' cancer volunteers told
Potential breast cancer weekend runners, walkers angry about mandatory donations
Judy Stonehouse says she volunteered to 'make a difference' in the Inaugural Weekend to End Breast Cancer this summer, but was told by the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation: 'No $2,000, no run.'
Sharon Stenhouse, The Ottawa Citizen
Published: Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Weekend to End Breast Cancer is debuting in Ottawa this summer, but some cancer research supporters are refusing to participate in the walk.

To join in the 60-kilometre walk, which runs over two days in July, individuals must raise a $2,000 minimum pledge. For some, that is just too much.

'I really wanted to make a difference,' said Judy Stonehouse, 'but I was rejected by the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. No $2,000, no run.'

If a person does not raise the full $2,000, plus pay a $75 registration fee, they may not join the Weekend to End Breast Cancer, which is being hosted by the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation on July 21 to July 23."

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