Monday, April 24, 2006

Blogger was offline for a portion of Monday

A quick note to say that Blogger was offline for most of today Monday April 24. This was a systemwide outage and thus our posting's were not available untill late in the day. Thanks for your patience and for the moment everything seems to have returned to normal.
Here is some explanation including information about a brief scheduled outage later today.
Monday, April 24, 2006 will be down on April 24 2006 from 4 pm PDT to 4:45 pm PDT due to planned maintenance. We’re sorry about the one-two unplanned/planned outage punch today, but we need to do some database maintenance. You will still be able to view your blogs during the outage. Be assured that when comes back, it will be shinier and happier than ever.

Posted by Pete at 11:32 PDT

All publishing is broken right now. We’re working on fixing it.

Update, 10:15AM: We have Blog*Spot publishing working again. External publishing coming soon.

Update, 10:41AM: External publishing is working again as well. Plus users, we haven't forgotten about you.

Update, 10:50AM: Everything sorted out now and working fine. Expect possible transient slownesses as we shore up some of the quick fixes that we had to make.

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