Monday, April 24, 2006 Living - People -, what's in it for me? Living - People -, what's in it for me?: "IMAGINE that you're walking along the street, when a strangely familiar-looking man with a toothy grin approaches you, shaking a donation box. 'Hey, would you like to give some money to Children Who Need Things?' he asks, in best Estuary English. 'No thanks,' you reply, hurrying past. But he follows you. 'Oh go on, these children really need Things,' he wheedles. 'Not interested,' you mutter and walk a bit faster. But he persists. 'OK, OK. Forget the needy kids. We're also selling raffle tickets and if you buy enough of them, you've got a good chance of winning a brand new car.' Hmm, you think, I could do with a car. As your step falters, the man smiles even more and puts a friendly arm around you. 'Take 20 tickets and I can make sure you win. Take a few more and, between you and me, that car could well turn out to be a Rolls-Royce.' 'I'll take 30,' you say, pulling out your wallet. And that, my friend, is how you become a philanthropist.

At least, that's how you become a philanthropist in Tony Blair's Britain."

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