Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Opinion - StatesmanJournal.com-"State drops the ball with botched arts awards

Opinion - StatesmanJournal.com: "State drops the ball with botched arts awards

There's no excuse for failing to honor dedicated people

December 19, 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, let us turn the spotlight on those citizens who have enriched this state through their contributions to the arts because without the arts, Oregon would be -- would be --

Oh, forget it. You won't hear any speech like that because Oregon isn't going to hold the Governor's Arts Awards this year after all. The state's premier event to recognize groups and people in the arts community won't take place; organizers say they just didn't have time to pull it off.

The folks responsible for the snafu -- the Oregon Arts Commission and the governor's office -- say they really do value the arts. But this was a busy year, what with the governor's election and getting the budget ready. So they'll double up and give two years' worth of awards in 2007."

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