Monday, December 18, 2006

The Resource Alliance -"What makes a great fundraiser?

The Resource Alliance (formerly known as The International Fund Raising Group): "What makes a great fundraiser?

At the 26th International Fundraising Congress held in October 2006, four leaders in our field shared their thoughts on what constitutes a great attitude as a fundraiser. They started by defining what we mean and described how it affects the way great fundraisers go about their important work. The panel consisted of Judy Beard, Jon Duschinsky, Karen Osborne and Ruth Ruderham, hosted by Tony Elischer. Following are some of the ideas they shared.

What do we mean by attitude, and how does it affect the way people fundraise? We could define attitude very generally as a way of thinking or a kind of behaviour, but is that all there is to it? Our attitudes play a huge role in the way we approach and tackle various situations, so what can we do to achieve the “right” attitidue?

But before we delve into this, let’s take a moment to imagine what the fundraising environment could be like in ten years time if we don’t try and develop our fundraising attitude for the better…

Fundraising 2016"

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