Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Change helps nonprofits stay accountable, viable | | Tacoma, WA

Change helps nonprofits stay accountable, viable | | Tacoma, WA: "More significant change is that which has occurred in the nonprofit sector over the past 10 years or so. In my mother’s day, nonprofit board members (and she was one) gathered regularly, often in mid-mornings with coffee and cookies, to discuss the good works their organization was doing and to plan events or other fundraising activities.

Fast-forward to today, and board agendas are filled – or should be – with in-depth financial reports, strategic planning, assuring compliance with growing regulations, and, yes, working on fundraising.

The sheer numbers have something to do with this difference. Talk about change. In 1993 there were 13,002 nonprofits identified by the IRS as tax-exempt. In 2007 there were 24,007. That’s nearly double in just 14 years. In the past year, the Secretary of State’s Office reported recording new nonprofits in Washington at the rate of 13.2 a day."

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