Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nonprofits are economic engines - Roanoke.com

Nonprofits are economic engines - Roanoke.com: "Editorial: Nonprofits are economic engines
These private agencies don't just provide services, they contribute to the local economy.

Carilion Clinic is a nonprofit and a big business. It's already the region's largest employer and is looking to rev up its economic engine by establishing a research institute in Roanoke in partnership with Virginia Tech.

The Roanoke Valley and surrounding localities have lots of nonprofits -- more than 650 of them, by one count, all much smaller than Carilion. Some dedicate themselves to helping people in need, some to enriching the life of the community through, for example, the arts. Most appeal regularly to the public for support, and get it. They provide services people like."

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