Friday, May 20, 2011

Elevator Speeches

Elevator Speeches: "I overheard someone talking about looking for a job and preparing their 'elevator speech' (yes, I was in an elevator). What exactly is an elevator speech, and do I need one?
Going up?

It is quite an irony that you heard about elevator speeches in an elevator. Just think about the time you spent in that elevator: probably less than two minutes until the doors to your floor opened and you left. Now think about trying to pitch your employment skills and abilities to a prospective employer if that was all the time you had in which to do it. Often when job searching, you can be put on the spot and need to present yourself to people who can help you — all in a similarly short period of time. So the term 'elevator speech' itself actually refers to a very important job search tool that all job seekers need in order to be most successful."

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