Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Canada NewsWire 555 million hours volunteered in Quebec

Thanks to Tamera Mallette for alerting us to this story
Canada NewsWire: 555 million hours volunteered in Quebec
New data estimates province's charitable and nonprofit sector has
$25 billion in revenues, 4.4 million volunteers, 470,000 employees.

TORONTO, Dec. 15 /CNW/ - According to a groundbreaking new study, Quebec's charitable and nonprofit sector is made up of 46,000 organizations that report more than $25 billion in annual revenues and have a paid staff of 470,000 ($17 billion and 324,000 staff when hospitals, universities and colleges are excluded). The National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations(*) (NSNVO), conducted by the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy and a consortium of organizations in partnership with Statistics Canada also reveals that:"

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