Thursday, December 16, 2004

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Planned giving yesterday, today and tomorrow
By Meira Maierovitz Drazin

Dec 17,2004 - Henry Shweid, a former violinist with the San Francisco Symphony and childhood friend of Isaac Stern, was a stranger to Jewish National Fund until his attorney contacted the organization to inform them of a $750,000 bequest from the Shweid estate. In fact, Shweid is still an enigma. Before Robert J. McCarthy of McCarthy & Schwartz's phone call, JNF records show Mr. Shweid's cumulative giving to the 104-year-old environmental organization was $1000.

'Henry never saw himself as a wealthy man and during his lifetime he gave within his own perception of his means,' says McCarthy. 'But towards the end of his life I think he began to "

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