Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Canadian Business | Lifestyle | Enjoying life in the fast lane

Canadian Business | Lifestyle | Enjoying life in the fast lane: "Enjoying life in the fast lane
by Calvin Leung
Inside the glamorous world of hip movers and shakers.
Canada's wealthy are, for the most part, a quiet bunch, discreetly enjoying their good fortune out of the spotlight. But for a small group of Rich 100 jet-setters, kicking it with stars or enjoying fast-paced hobbies are part of a life well lived. After all, what good is money if you don't whoop it up a little?
Fashion whiz Lawrence Stroll, for instance, lives life in the fast lane--literally. In May, he took his $633,000 Ferrari 360GT for a spin at the Six Hours of Mont-Tremblant car race, an annual contest that requires lightning-quick reflexes and superior stamina. During the event, teams of drivers tore around the track at speeds well over 140 kilometres per hour. Stroll's Falcon Racing team finished sixth in a field of 11--not exactly a stellar performance, but an improvement over 2003 when the team failed to finish."

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