Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Fundraising can be a real gift - Jobs - Times Online

Fundraising can be a real gift - Jobs - Times Online: "Fundraising can be a real gift
Joe Saxton, head of the Institute of Fundraising, tells Liza Ramrayka how better communication will allow charity fundraisers to tell the world what they do and why

CHARITY fundraising has taken something of a battering in recent years: street fundraisers have been slammed for being too �in your face�, costs have been questioned and concerns raised about too many causes chasing too few donors.
Yet charities have just witnessed � in the form of post-tsunami giving � the most generous outpouring of public donations that the UK has ever seen. Growing awareness of tax-effective giving means an unprecedented number of donors now use methods such as Gift Aid and payroll giving.

Which is precisely why Joe Saxton, the new chair of the Institute of Fundraising, thinks that the challenge for the profession is to explain to the wider world what it does and why. �The biggest task is to help the public to understand why fundraisers do what they do and to show that their individual donation will be well spent.� "

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