Wednesday, May 18, 2005

News Sentinel | 05/18/2005 | Editorial briefs

News Sentinel | 05/18/2005 | Editorial briefs:
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"School�s out, so discard your belongings
There�s no better testament to the casual affluence of many college students than the bounty they leave behind when they leave campus for the summer.
The Indianapolis Star reported this week on the massive clean-ups universities stage at this time of year. For example, at Indiana University in Bloomington, a food bank hauled away five truckloads of discarded food, such as cereal, soup and popcorn. A mission center in Bloomington took away 10-20 truckloads of furniture, microwaves, clothing and other goods.
At Butler University last year, students donated 3 tons of items valued at $32,000 and gave it all to the Lighthouse Mission, an Indianapolis shelter. This year, students have left behind even more."

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