Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Scoop: The Fundy Post: Welcome back

Scoop: The Fundy Post: Welcome back: "Maxim on Charity
We could also talk about Maxim's concerns over the Charities Bill, as reported in the current edition of Real Issues, released on 25th November and available at www.maxim.org.nz. The Bill is being rewritten in response to concerns raised by charities at Select Committee hearings, but Maxim is still worried. Why should they be so interested in the work of charities, apart from the usual drivel about being essential to the working of a Civil Society? Perhaps the reason can be found in these sentences from Real Issues: 'The original Bill contained many draconian provisions, including the threat of deregistration if a charitable organisation engaged in political lobbying. There has been no indication from the government it will alter this in the revised version'.
You may not know this, but Maxim is officially an educational charity. You can go to the Companies Office web site (www.companies.govt.nz), search the register for Maxim Institute and download a PDF of its aims and objectives. In its usual pompous and verbose style, Maxim defines these to include: "

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