Friday, December 03, 2004 Oprahs Charity rivals Santa's "Munson: O,O,O, Oprah's charity rivals Santa's
December 3, 2004
Take stock of Oprah Winfrey's year of hyper-philanthropy, one that was high-profile even by her lofty standards, and one thing seems certain: The superstar talk-show host is on the fast track to sainthood. Her flock is vast and devout. There's a weekly TV audience of more than 30 million viewers in 110 countries. Her talk-show contract, renewed this year, lasts through 2011.

She has ruled Chicago for 20 years, been nationally syndicated since 1986 and is publisher of her own O magazine (with 2 million readers) since April 2000. She made reading cool again with her book club and turned some obscure authors into instant best sellers."

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