Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The State of Arts Philanthropy in Canada

The State of Arts Philanthropy in Canada: "The State of Arts Philanthropy in Canada
by Gillian Pritchett, Wah Keung Chan, Danielle Dubois / November 29, 2004

Canada's performing arts groups have been a vital part of the cultural fabric of our country for decades. However, rising costs, declining attendance and reduced public funding are leaving many arts groups in desperate need of enhanced financial support from private donors. A recent Ipsos-Reid opinion poll showed that an overwhelming majority of Canadians recognize the importance of culture. Yet, when it comes to donations, they rank the arts low on their list of priorities. Statistics demonstrate that Canadians give the most dollars to religious organizations (49%), followed by health (20%) and social services (10%). In terms of the number of donations made though, health comes out ahead (41%), followed by social services (20%) and religious organizations (14%). What then is left over for the arts sector?"

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