Monday, November 29, 2004 | Society | The ultimate Christmas present | Society | The ultimate Christmas present: "The ultimate Christmas present

It costs you time, not money, but it can make a big difference to what might be a lonely time for someone else. Emma Lunn suggests a range of charities that could use your help over the holiday period

Monday November 29, 2004
The Guardian

If you're not working over Christmas and are casting around for ways in which you can expend all that pent-up energy rather than sublimate it into stuffing yourself with turkey and rowing with in-laws during the Queen's speech, then you might want to consider donating your time off over the festive period to those who would truly appreciate your help. Charities need volunteers to help with a wide range of activities over the holiday period. These days it's not all serving in soup kitchens - they look for people who can do anything from befriending the vulnerable to helping the homeless improve their basic literacy and numeracy skills. "

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