Thursday, December 09, 2004 / Business / Group: Most charities sell donor lists / Business / Group: Most charities sell donor lists: "Group: Most charities sell donor lists
Nonprofits also swap names in an attempt to raise more funds
By Bruce Mohl, Globe Staff December 2, 2004
Most of the nation's charities are attempting to raise additional funds by selling the names of donors to marketing organizations or swapping mailing lists with other nonprofits, a charity watchdog group said yesterday.
Charity Navigator said a survey it conducted of nearly 3,300 charities found that only 18 percent have a donor privacy policy in place, 7 percent reserved the right to sell or swap donor names, and 75 percent did not respond to the survey.
Trent Stamp, the executive director of Charity Navigator, said it is logical to assume that a majority of the 75 percent that failed to respond to the survey did not want the public to know they sell or swap personal information about their donors to other groups."

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