Thursday, December 09, 2004

Charities work for donors

Charities work for donors: "Charities work for donors
Star-Tribune correspondent
JACKSON -- 'I feel like I'm getting hit up all the time.'
That's what one donor said when asked if there is 'donor fatigue' in Jackson Hole.

In a community with 164 non-profits and scores of wealthy philanthropists, there may be growing frustration by both donors and non-profits that the benefits of community organizations are being lost to the constant beating of the fund-raising drum.

Of course, fund-raising is a necessary tool to provide non-profit services. But when every non-profit develops a potential donor list, several names are likely to appear on those lists. Is it frustrating for those donors? And, is it frustrating for non-profits that know they are one of 164 voices looking to sustain?"

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