Thursday, December 09, 2004 | News | Article | News | Article: "Is CAN-SPAM Helping E-Mail Marketers?
Dec. 09, 2004

By: Sean O�Neal
Datran Media
Many marketers were concerned about what the effects of the CAN-SPAM Act would be, and numerous companies left the e-mail marketing space entirely. It was reported in the spring that CAN-SPAM compliance was confounding many e-mail marketers. Meanwhile, the Pew Charitable Trust issued a report that e-mail users were more fed up than ever and that they trusted e-mail even less than before CAN-SPAM took effect.
Without consumer trust in e-mail, how possibly can CAN-SPAM be benefiting e-mail marketers?
Yet some e-mail companies have seen their fortunes rise since CAN-SPAM took effect. The law separated the wheat from the chaff in e-mail. Sure, there are still plenty of offshore spammers who can�t be touched by U.S. legislation. But the number of domestic spammers fell immediately, and so did spam � perhaps by 10 percent, right off the bat. "

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