Thursday, December 09, 2004 - Woburn Advocate - Opinion & Letters - Woburn Advocate - Opinion & Letters: "Editorial: Charity work seen throughout the city
Thursday, December 9, 2004
In this week's issue, we highlighted the ongoing efforts of Mark Condon and Michelle Chapman to bring toys and clothing to sick children at the Boston Medical Center.

And while their work should be applauded and given a hand in the literal sense for bringing more than 1,500 toys to the Hub, the fact remains that there are several local groups doing commendable charity that do not get front-page attention. Some prefer to remain anonymous, while others' work goes unnoticed by the media and such. Fortunately, the fruits of their labor is felt by the children and families that benefit from their generosity. Obviously no one does this for attention in the newspaper. But amid all the stories about crime or the latest housing development set to tear up nature, it's imperative to shine light on the positive in a community. There is, in fact, much good going on in the city of Woburn."

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