Monday, December 12, 2005

ABC News: Glitz, Glamour Affecting Charitable Giving?

ABC News: Glitz, Glamour Affecting Charitable Giving?: "Glitz, Glamour Affecting Charitable Giving?
Charities Serving Poor Sometimes Take Second Place to More Alluring Causes
charity event

It's the season for giving -- and for opulent charity events where the rich, powerful and famous mingle. But charities that help the poor aren't doing as well as more glamorous causes. (ABC News)

Dec. 8, 2005 — This year alone, charitable giving in America is expected to reach at least $250 billion, with many Americans writing their checks in these last few weeks of the year, so their donations will still count toward this year's tax deduction.

And for some of the wealthiest Americans, it is not only the season of giving, but also the season of lavish black-tie events. According to publicist and society columnist R. Couri Hay, 'It's all about charities. Social life in New York revolves around giving, and so every single night there are five, six, maybe even 10 parties during the busy season a night where you can go and give to a worthy cause.'

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