Monday, December 12, 2005 | Powered by The Oklahoman and NEWS 9 | Powered by The Oklahoman and NEWS 9: "ompanies give to charity for client gifts
By Clytie Bunyan
The Oklahoman

If you're someone's client and accustomed to receiving a substantial, or even lavish, 'thanks for your business' gift each year, don't expect one this year.

Many companies in recent years have been responding to a growing demand among charitable groups that help people in need, particularly during the Christmas season. This year, thanks to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, that need is even greater. Donations to many organizations after the hurricanes already have been distributed to help the thousands of displaced Americans. Those donations followed a national appeal to help the people in Asia and parts of Africa that were affected by the Boxing Day tsunami last year.

All that generosity earlier this year puts a damper on budgets for charitable giving during the holidays."

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