Monday, December 12, 2005

Free Timesheets for Small Nonprofit Organizations :: PNNOnline ::

Free Timesheets for Small Nonprofit Organizations :: PNNOnline ::: "ree Timesheets for Small Nonprofit Organizations
Posted by: laurakujawski on Monday, December 12, 2005
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Journyx, a 9-year-old software company in Austin, Texas, has just released a new version of its software program which enables employee time tracking to automate billing, payroll and project or grant accounting. Why does Journyx give its software away? The company hopes for suggestions from its free users.

'Nonprofit organizations are often under budget constraints,' said Curt Finch, Journyx CEO. 'Rarely is the mission of a nonprofit organization to spend all of its money on employees and technology, but rather to serve its constituents. Journyx helps them do that more efficiently.'"

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Pacific Timesheet said...

We evaluated that product but went with Pacific Timesheet instead ( We needed payroll (Lawson) and iPhone support, and wanted a web-based software solution. They donate 10 free timesheet software license to all non profit organization.


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