Friday, December 16, 2005

Royal GazetteDonations reach $2m mark for Red Cross(Bermuda)

Royal Gazette: "Donations reach $2m mark for Red Cross

By Tricia Walters

Weather-related disasters in 2005 have led to donations from Islanders totalling more than $2 million.
According to a report by the United National Environment Programme (UNEP), 2005 saw the highest number of hurricanes or tropical storms since records began in 1850 – showing a growing trend which experts have linked with climate change.
The report quoted preliminary estimates presented by Munich Re Foundation.
This year’s trend shows that major tropical storms in the Atlantic and Pacific have increased in duration and intensity by 50 percent since the 1970s, the report said.
As for the victims of these natural disasters, which included not only hurricanes, but also earthquakes, droughts in West Africa and floods, charities in Bermuda did not shy away from raising money."

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