Friday, December 16, 2005

Present pressure

Present pressure: "Present pressure

By MATT WICKENHEISER, Portland Press Herald Writer

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OF CHARITY ONE INCREASINGLY popular workplace gift is a donation to a charity, given in the recipient's name. Some charities, such as the Cancer Community Center in South Portland, sell physical gifts that can be given to co-workers or clients. The Cancer Center sells candles, for example.

THE MAINE Nonprofit Association has the 'Gifts that Give Twice' section on its Web site, Forty nonprofits have posted items and services for sale as holiday fundraisers.

ANOTHER SITE for those seeking a charity-related gift is The organization allows a buyer to purchase a set amount, say $25, and give the 'Charity Check' to the gift recipient, who can then give that check to any of 800,000 IRS-qualified charities across the country.

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