Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Baseball's Mind Game (washingtonpost.com)

Baseball's Mind Game (washingtonpost.com): "Another observer has been watching baseball's dealings with Washington from afar, without the funhouse mirror effect. Ralph Nader fired off a pair of letters on Friday, one to Cropp urging her not to buckle under to criticism and to stand firm against baseball, and another to Selig and his fellow pirates, calling them out as the real villains in this affair.
'What was your answer to the council? No concessions on sharing cost overruns. No concessions on the compensatory payment by the District to the team if the stadium is not completed on time. And no charitable fund commitment beyond devoting 'net proceeds' from one exhibition game. That is simply offensive. No paltry concessions from you in exchange for a $584 million publicly funded stadium project? No longer surprised by your level of avarice, we must express amazement at your unrelenting arrogance.' "

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