Monday, December 20, 2004 -- Today's Headlines -- Today's Headlines: "Charities Worry That New Federal Tax Law Will Be Roadblock to Car Donations
Source: The Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Missouri)
Publication date: 2004-12-19

Dec. 19--Old cars helped save LeOtis Brooks' life.
Brooks oversees the sale of used cars donated to the Salvation Army. The money raised helps support the organization's drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.
'It gave me a fresh start,' said Brooks, who completed a rehabilitation program for alcohol about two years ago and has been reunited with family members.
But as of Jan. 1, a new tax law will tighten how much people can deduct for vehicle donations. And while people can still donate cars and get deductions in 2005, many charities are worried about losing money next year. The National Kidney Foundation fears that some people will return to selling old cars and "

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