Tuesday, December 21, 2004

semissourian.com: Article

semissourian.com: Article: "Stanley - Charitable remainder unitrusts

'Tis more blessed to give than receive. Especially when charitable remainder unitrusts are involved.
Properly set up and administered, a charitable unitrust makes benefactors the beneficiaries - of reduced tax bills, periodic income, and perhaps even improved cash flow - while still allowing them to leave a legacy of at least 10 percent to the charities of their choice.
Under the most common unitrust scenario, donors irrevocably transfer assets out of their estates and into a trust created by an attorney. In doing so, they stipulate that what's left in the trust at a specified time in the future becomes the property of designated charitable organizations. Prior to that, however, the donors can arrange to have the trust make periodic payments (at least annually) to themselves or other named beneficiaries"

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