Monday, December 20, 2004 "
Money can�t buy you...
Want to be happy, lose the Hummer

Published Sunday, December 19, 2004 at 1:00 am
by Paige Stein

Technically defined �affluenza� is a dysfunctional relationship with money/wealth, or the pursuit of it, but for Boca resident Risa Garcia the Hummer is the embodiment of the term.
�Every time I see someone driving a Hummer, I can�t help but think that this is exactly what�s wrong with our society � the fact that someone would think they need to drive a $100,000 paramilitary all-terrain vehicle on the streets of Boca � no matter how much money they have � just boggles my mind,� said Garcia.
�Of course, every time I see a man driving a Hummer, I also think something else, but that�s not really printable in a family newspaper,� she added jokingly.
While the word �affluenza� may lend itself to a certain type of mordant humor � the disorder and its consequences, both for the individual and society � are very real, many experts say. In fact, many argue that �affluenza� is crippling us as a society and severely affecting the quality of our lives as individuals. "

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