Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Business Day - News Worth Knowing-Take aid out of the charity box

Business Day - News Worth Knowing: "Take aid out of the charity box
Ben Turok

WHO says public opinion counts for nothing? The major concessions on Africa’s debt to the tune of $55bn can only be attributed to the huge volume of public concern in recent months.

In Edinburgh recently, as 150 parliamentarians from Japan to Nigeria met to lobby the forthcoming Group of Eight (G-8) meeting, Bob Geldof stole the front pages of the British press by calling for a “reverse Dunkirk” whereby small British boats would fetch French protesters to join the million expected in Edinburgh to coincide with the G-8 meeting in Gleneagles. The atmosphere of expectation in Edinburgh is palpable. Shops are planning to shut down. Police are mobilising in large numbers."

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