Thursday, June 30, 2005 - Mutula wa Kilonzo — My Story - Mutula wa Kilonzo — My Story:
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"Philanthropy, especially to churches, women’s and youth groups’ projects are some of the things Mutula has learned from retired president Moi.Mutula’s occasional visit to Mbooni is spent attending to villagers who stream into his compound with various problems ranging from school fees for their children to legal issues.

One neighbor explained how they always knew of his arrival. “Hapa kwake ni mlima na hatuna stima. Mzee akifika lazima genereta iwakishwe na tunaona taa. Hapo tunapigiana simu.” (This village of ours is hilly and without electricity. Whenever he comes the generator must be put on and we see the light. There we call each other.)"

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