Monday, June 27, 2005

Charity Village® NewsWeek: Cover Story

Charity Village® NewsWeek: Cover Story: "Leap of faith: Moving from the corporate world to the nonprofit sector
Louise Chatterton LuchukJune 27, 2005
By Louise Chatterton Luchuk

Long gone are the days of retiring from the same job you were hired for straight out of school. Moving from job to job is a modern day reality. Sometimes the change is small, while at other times it is monumental; for instance, moving from a successful position in the corporate sector and transitioning into a brand new career in the nonprofit sector. That is exactly the career path of Bibi Patel, director of development and donor services at the Community Foundation of Ottawa, and Michael Howlett, president and CEO of the Canadian Diabetes Association.
Making a strategic move
Patel spent 18 successful years in the high tech sector before moving to the nonprofit world. In 2001, the high tech downturn coupled with a feeling that she had met most of her career goals led Patel to seek new opportunities. 'I had a great experience in the corporate sector so it wasn't about running away from something that wasn't working,' she recalls. 'It was just time to try something different.'

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