Monday, June 27, 2005

The Seattle Times: Living: Retiring boomers ready to give back

The Seattle Times: Living: Retiring boomers ready to give back: "Retiring boomers ready to give back

By Liz Taylor

No generation in history has affected this nation like the boomers — 76 million babies born between 1946 and 1964.

Thanks to this group's gargantuan size (nearly a third of our population), this moving bulge of bodies, sandwiched between much smaller age groups, has been famously likened to a 'pig in a python.' But size alone doesn't explain their impact. If the boomers had been shy and retiring, it's not likely they would have rocked the nation in so many ways for so many years. Loud, insistent, sassy and self-absorbed, it's their collective personality that stands out ('hell no, I won't go!'), unyielding in their demands for self-actualization and social change.

Alas, it didn't last. Call it midlife sprawl of consciousness or simply midlife, but jobs, family, rampant consumerism and responsibilities quenched the boomers' strident side. They stopped being uppity.

Well, that may be about to change."

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