Monday, June 27, 2005

For arts, nonprofits, a test of will

For arts, nonprofits, a test of will: "For arts, nonprofits, a test of will

By BOB KEYES, Staff Writer
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The arts are in a precarious position in America these days.
The good news is that all over the country, political leaders and everyday citizens alike recognize the role the arts play in creating healthy, liveable communities.
People want to live where artists live, and communities value the vitality that artists bring to a neighborhood, a city and a region.
Certainly, we're seeing that in Maine, in all corners of the state.
The bad news is, our economic systems and structures tend not to support our artists. While artists are feeling less marginalized and there is more social recognition of the role of the artist in society, money hasn't followed.
The arts survive as much by will as anything else."

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