Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Big is not beautiful, says IDS - Jobs - Times Online

Big is not beautiful, says IDS - Jobs - Times Online: "Big is not beautiful, says IDS
The former Conservative Party leader is taking the fight to Labour over voluntary sector politics, and large charities are in the firing line, he tells John Plummer
WHILE Labour has worked hard to woo the voluntary sector, the Conservatives have barely been able to stifle their yawns, bothering to release a sector manifesto only one week before the last general election.

So Iain Duncan Smith’s withering attack on large charities at a Third Sector magazine awards event this month took everybody by surprise.

Big charities, the former Tory leader said, were dull, over-bureaucratic and had been tenderly led by the nose to accept government contracts that had turned them into clones of their Whitehall paymasters"

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