Thursday, May 11, 2006

Nonprofit Online News: Trust, But Cut the Cards

Nonprofit Online News: Trust, But Cut the Cards: "Trust, But Cut the Cards

By Put Barber, March 2006

This article was first published in the March 2006 edition of the Nonprofit Online News Journal.

It makes you crazy.

You work day after day in some good cause - there are many - along with good friends and colleagues who bring great creativity to the tasks, put in long hours, pass up higher-paying job opportunities, and take real satisfaction in making a difference in other people's lives. You know for sure that this globe would be a much worse place to live today, and even more so in the future, if the work done by your organization and counterpart nonprofits around the world didn't happen.

And what do you read in the papers? See on TV? Mostly, not a word about all that. Every now and again, a story about how some nonprofit is in financial difficulty. (Who knew?!? Can that really happen?!?). And then, once in a blue moon but all over the front pages, 'Board President Denies Knowledge of Faked Travel Reports!'

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