Monday, June 05, 2006

DEVELOPMENT: Giving Takes Smart New Ways

DEVELOPMENT: Giving Takes Smart New Ways: "Giving Takes Smart New Ways
Miren Gutierrez*

ROME, Jun 5 (IPS) - Michael Karlin, co-founder of Security First, the first Internet bank, retired in 1999. He was 31.

Karlin is now doing more than making money in a successful business; he is a full-time philanthropist. 'At the Mythic Imagination Institute, I am now doing basically the same things as before: leading people around the same idea, connecting people,' he says in a telephone interview from Atlanta. 'The aim is to bring more creativity, passion, and empathy in the world.'

Giving away money for social causes is no longer about soup for the poor. It has moved to the world of markets and competition, it has found new creative ways to solve problems governments and profit organisations do not reach. It is now philanthrocapitalism, social entrepreneurism, social investment.

Giving is booming new business among the rich and famous. "

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