Monday, November 13, 2006

20 years of rural philanthropy celebrated - Eric Russell

20 years of rural philanthropy celebrated - Eric Russell: "0 years of rural philanthropy celebrated

By Eric Russell

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By Eric Russell
Bangor Daily News

The charitable exploits of notable Mainers such as Stephen and Tabitha King, Harold Alfond and the late Elizabeth Noyce of the Libra Foundation are well documented.

And they should be. All have deep pockets and big hearts.

For the less financially endowed who would still like to try a hand at philanthropy, though, many often feel like they don’t have a place to turn.

Maybe they can’t start their own foundation or have buildings named after them, but there is a place where their money and their charity won’t go unnoticed.

The Maine Community Foundation, headquartered in Ellsworth, is celebrating this fall the 20th anniversary of its three inaugural county committees in Washington, Aroostook and Piscataquis counties."

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