Wednesday, January 17, 2007

University philanthropy gets a new face - News

University philanthropy gets a new face - News: "University philanthropy gets a new face
Michael Westfall sets out to help Eastern procure more donations from alumni and other sources
Tessa Schilter, Senior Reporter
Issue date: 1/17/07 Section: News

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Michael Westfall, the new vice president of university advancement, just moved his family from Virginia to Spokane. While movers took care of the heavy stuff, Westfall was responsible for moving his wife and his two young sons across the country, a journey which seemed to take longer than the actual five days due to the fact that they were accompanied by two dogs.

Of his position, which has been vacant at Eastern for a year and half, Westfall said, 'I think there's great opportunity for growth and the culture of philanthropy.'"

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