Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Cavalier Daily-Coeducation and donor intent

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The Cavalier Daily: "Coeducation and donor intent A 19th-century donor's intent can't overrule every educational concern for Tulane Christa Byker, Cavalier Daily Columnist IT IS no secret that frivolous law suits permeate the American legal system. Bordering on the tedious and inane, many cases are not worth a second glance. But one law suit recently grabbed my attention: A peer institution, Tulane University, is engaged in a court battle over donor intent after the dissolution of Newcomb College, the all-female coordinating college associated with Tulane for 120 years. Many relevant groups, most importantly the closest living relatives to the donor who made Newcomb possible, Parma Matthis Howard and Jane Matthis Smith, believe that the Tulane administration acted illegally by violating donor intent. They lost the first lawsuit -- Howard v. Tulane -- and are currently appealing the case. However, by holding on to old loyalties and an outdated institution, this lawsuit is unneeded and misguided."

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