Thursday, October 02, 2008

Seeking Drummers to Set World Record | Artvoice Daily

Seeking Drummers to Set World Record | Artvoice Daily: "he event, called “The Big Beat,” is being sponsored by Buffalo Drum Outlet and Five Star Drum Shops. Local contestants will be competing against 10 other Five Star Drum Shops across the US and Canada. All local drummers are urged to take part. A $10 entrance fee is required (or $10 worth of canned goods), and entrants are then encouraged to collect at least $100 in donations from friends and supporters. Why? Because all proceeds from this event will be turned over to East Side soup kitchen the Response to Love Center, as well as Mr. Holland’s Opus, a national organization that provides schools with new band and orchestra instruments. Prizes will be awarded to the drummers who raise the most money."

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